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About the Book

Contemporary Real Estate Law

Front Cover - Contemporary Real Estate Law

C. Kerry Fields, University of Southern California
Kevin C. Fields, University of Southern California

2014.  736 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-4548-1642-3.

Instructor’s Manual, Power Point Slides, Test Bank

About the Book

Contemporary Real Estate Law contains all the traditional topics covered in a real estate law course as well as the fresh, current information covering defaults and foreclosures, bankruptcy law as it affects real estate leases and transactions, federal consumer mortgage protection programs, property management, real estate valuation, and property insurance. Chapters include leading and current court cases from across the United States with concise and well edited cases appealing to students. 

This text contains a student friendly writing style with thoughtful pedagogy making it ideal for undergraduate students. Each chapter format provides a chapter outline, learning objectives, introductory scenario to prompt class discussion, and problems at the end of each chapter for review. 

Each chapter contains numerous practical and case-based examples, student problems, and student activities to ensure students can apply the principles they learn. Marginal notes provide further explanation and definitions.  Legal terms and key concepts are bolded in the text the first time they are used in a chapter. 

The companion website provides sample student questions with answers along with internet and additional student exercises.

Features of Contemporary Real Estate Law:

  • covers all traditional topics in leading real estate law books
  • special subject treatment distinguishes text in the field  
  • solar and wind energy rights 
  • agency 
  • property management 
  • real estate valuation 
  • real property insurance
  • defaults, workouts, and foreclosures
  • Federal Consumer Mortgage Protection Programs
  • selecting the right business entity to own real estate
  • anatomy of a commercial lease
  • construction law contracts and liens
  • construction defects
  • bankruptcy law as it affects real estate transactions
  • thoughtful pedagogy for undergraduate students
  • chapter outlines, objectives, and summaries 
  • introductory scenario in each chapter to prompt class discussion 
  • marginal definitions of terminology
  • many examples and concept summaries throughout each chapter
  • legal terms in bolded text
  • Key Terms and Concepts for review at the end of each chapter
  • Case problems at the end of each chapter
  • the leading  and most current cases on each topic from courts throughout the United States
  • “Focus on Ethics”  highlight critical thinking and ethical decision making
  • companion website: sample student questions with answers; internet and blog exercises