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Contemporary Employment Law 2E

PART I:  The Employment Relationship
Ch. 1: Employment Law Overview
Ch. 2: Recruitment, Selection, Testing, and Termination
Ch. 3: Contract and Tort Claims in Employment 
Ch. 4: Discrimination Claims, EEOC Proceedings, and Alternative Dispute Resolution

PART II:  Equal Opportunity Laws
Ch. 5:  Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Ch. 6:  Race, Color, and National Origin Discrimination
Ch. 7:  Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Orientation Protection
Ch. 8:  Religious Discrimination
Ch. 9:  Disability Discrimination
Ch. 10:  Age Discrimination
Ch. 11:  Work-Family Issues and Other EEO Protections 

PART III:  Employee Protections and Benefits
Ch. 12:  Workplace Privacy 
Ch. 13:  Federal Labor Relations 
Ch. 14:  Wage and Hour Laws
Ch. 15:  Occupational Safety and Workers’ Compensation
Ch. 16:  Retirement and Employee Benefits 

PART IV:  The Global Employment Environment
Ch. 17:  Immigration Law in the Workplace 
Ch. 18:  The Multinational Employer